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Auto-Start LED Gyro Powerball: Wrist Muscle Trainer & Fitness Powerball for Arm Strength

Auto-Start LED Gyro Powerball: Wrist Muscle Trainer & Fitness Powerball for Arm Strength

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Sports Type: Strength Training

Wrist Ball Type: Auto-Starting LED Gyroscopic Powerball

Training Focus: Arms, Hand, Wrist

Suitable for: Home Workouts, Crossfit, Tennis, Cycling, Rock Climbing

Gym Compatibility: Multifunctional Gyms, Tennis, Squash, Cycling, Rock Climbing

Size: 5.5cm*7cm

Origin: Mainland China

Product Name: LED Gyroscope Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer

Model Number: OUT180

Material: PC, Aluminum Alloy, Silicone Rubber

Suitability: Suitable for Both Men and Women

Functionality: Improves Arm Strength and Endurance

Features: Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated Housing

Unique Feature: Enhances Dexterity and Endurance for Playing Guitar, Piano, and Saxophone

Brand: YangChen



Experience Equidistant Exercise with Powerball for Comprehensive Training


Powerball offers completely equidistant exercise, making it a versatile complement to any training regimen. It targets the arms in a manner that conventional isotonic (free weight) exercises cannot replicate, engaging a higher percentage of muscle fibers in a shorter span. If you're aiming to enhance wrist, grip, and arm strength, the wrist training ball is the ideal choice.


Unparalleled Strength

With a maximum attainable rotation speed exceeding 12,000 rpm, Powerball delivers resistance of up to 32kg, setting the pinnacle for wrist exercise equipment. Its slow rotation aids gentle rehabilitation, while a swift spin offers forearm workouts lasting no more than 60 seconds.

An Effective Trainer

Musicians playing instruments like drums, piano, saxophone, or guitar require sustained strength, coordination, and finger dexterity. Powerball enhances agility, speed, precision, and endurance, contributing to improved musical performance. If you're a musician, Powerball is your secret to playing better.

Product Description:

Durable Build

Featuring a stainless steel chrome-plated housing

Effortless Activation

Starts automatically for convenience

Remarkable Resistance

Generates weight resistance of up to 61 kg

Compact Design

10% smaller than comparable models

Strength Enhancement and Recovery

Aims to strengthen and rehabilitate

Type: Wrist Ball

Function: Muscle Relaxation

Product Name: LED Gyroscope Powerball Wrist Ball Trainer

Sports Equipment Type: Sports Equipment

Suitability: Compatible with Multifunctional Gyms, Tennis, Squash, Cycling, and Rock Climbing

Special Feature: Ideal for Family Training

Includes Gym Accessories: Yes

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