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Photography Background Backdrop Stand Support System Kit with Carry Case for Muslin Photo Video Studio

Photography Background Backdrop Stand Support System Kit with Carry Case for Muslin Photo Video Studio

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Use: Suitable for various occasions such as meetings, parties, travel, weddings, green screen, and greenscreen photography.

Type: Spray Painted Photo Background Backdrop Support System Frame, designed for photographic purposes.

Style: Scenic style, ideal for creating captivating photo backgrounds.

Package: Includes all necessary components.

Origin: Manufactured in Mainland China.

Model Number: SH-BJJ.

Material: Constructed with durable and lightweight aluminum.

Light Tripod Stand: Telescopic design for easy adjustment.

Feature: Offers stability, sturdiness, and long-lasting performance.

Crossbar: Adjustable to accommodate different backdrop sizes.

Color: Black.

CN: Originates from Zhejiang, China.

Brand Name: SH, a trusted and reputable brand in the photography industry.

This versatile backdrop stand and picture frame are designed for professional photography in photo studios. The background holder can support various colored screens, including green, blue, white, gray, and black.


  • 2x Support Light Stand: Sturdy 2-meter light tripods with adjustable height (Min 79cm – Max 200cm) ensure stability and durability.
  • 3-4x Crossbar: Easy to adjust and install, offering a maximum load capacity of 3KG.
  • 4x Clamps: Includes 2x side clips to adjust the background cloth to the best position and 2x strong clips to securely fix items in place and prevent slipping.
  • 2x Sandbags: The sandbags can be hung on the background stand, providing additional stability and sturdiness to the backdrop.
  • 1x Carry Case: The backdrop frame can be conveniently packed into the carry bag, making it easy to transport.


  • If you choose a product with a sandbag, we will include the sandbag in your order. If not, we will not send a sandbag.

Green Screen Stand with Sandbags for Photography and Video

This versatile green screen stand is specially designed for photography and video shoots, providing a stable and convenient setup for green screen backgrounds. The kit includes sandbags to ensure extra stability and prevent any accidental movement during your sessions.

Key Features:

  • Green Screen Stand: The adjustable stand is perfect for holding green screens, creating a seamless background for your photography and video projects.
  • Sandbags for Stability: The included sandbags can be easily hung on the stand, providing added stability to keep your green screen securely in place.
  • Easy Assembly: The stand can be quickly set up and adjusted to your desired height, making it easy to create the perfect green screen background.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for professional photographers, videographers, content creators, and anyone in need of a green screen setup.

Elevate your photography and video projects with this green screen stand, offering a solid and reliable foundation for your green screen backgrounds.

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