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Aurora Lights Star Projector with Bluetooth Music Speaker - Create a Stunning Galaxy Display | Remote Control Sky Night Light - Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults

Aurora Lights Star Projector with Bluetooth Music Speaker - Create a Stunning Galaxy Display | Remote Control Sky Night Light - Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults

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Wattage: 6-10W

Voltage: 5V


Type: Atmosphere

Shape: Round

Power Generation: Switch

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 22SY-XKD

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Item Type: Night Lights

Is Smart Device: YES

Are Bulbs Included: Yes

Are Batteries Required: No

Are Batteries Included: No

Certification: CCC, CE


Body Material: ABS

Battery Type: AAA

Aurora Lights Star Projector Galaxy Projector with Remote Control - Sky Night Light Gift for Kids and Adults - Bluetooth Music Speaker Included

Please Note: Style 1 does not include the Moon projector image, while most other functions are similar to style 2. You can select your preferred style when placing the order.


  • Experience an Amazing Dream Aurora Effect: This Aurora Borealis Projector can project captivating patterns of dream auroras, stars, and the moon. The dream aurora effect offers single-color, dual-color, and tri-color modes (combining red, blue, green, and white lights). The Remote Control allows you to adjust colors, brightness, and flow speed for creating various lighting effects.

  • Dynamic Star Twinkling Technology: Our projector features innovative "star lights blinking" technology. The green stars gently flicker, imitating the breathing stars in the quiet night, offering a captivating and tranquil experience.

  • Dimmable & 13 Color Options: The Galaxy Projector offers up to 13 different color modes, immersing you in a magical universe. It creates a soothing sleep atmosphere, benefiting both adults and kids, making it a perfect gift for kids.

  • Perfect Room Decoration: The Dream Aurora Star Projector serves as a beautiful room decoration and an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. It transforms your space into a home planetarium, providing enchanting starry nights and aurora effects.

  • Remote Control, Automated Timer & Hi-Fi Stereo Music Speaker: With built-in 1H, 2H, and 4H auto-off timers, you can customize the projection duration. The included remote control manages all projector functions, including timing, colors, brightness, modes, sound, and more. The projector also boasts a high-quality Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Music Speaker for wireless music playback. Lights synchronize with music in the sound control mode, creating an immersive sound and visual experience.

  • Premium Quality & Extensive Coverage: Our Dream Aurora Star Projector can cover a room's ceiling or wall. It offers a projection area of up to 80 square meters, providing a stunning visual ambiance.

Illuminate your surroundings with captivating auroras and stars while enjoying music wirelessly. Experience a breathtaking and immersive ambiance like never before.


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