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Carpets for Luxurious Velvet Living Room and Bedroom - Thick and Fluffy Floor Mats for Cozy Home Interiors

Carpets for Luxurious Velvet Living Room and Bedroom - Thick and Fluffy Floor Mats for Cozy Home Interiors

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Product Specifications:

Customization: Not Available

Cleaning Method: Hand Wash

Functional Uses: Plush and Thick Tie Dyeing Floor Mat

Suitable for Use: Children's Room, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms

Craftsmanship: Machine Made

Design Style: Modern Aesthetics

Shape: Rectangular

Placement: Ideal for Living Rooms

Pattern: Solid Color

Origin: Manufactured in Mainland China

Model Number: CM, Bedroom Living Room Carpet

Material: 100% Polyester

Key Feature: Luxuriously Fluffy and Soft

Decorative Style: Modern Elegance


Application: Perfect for Adding Comfort and Style to Home Interiors, Especially Kid-Friendly Spaces

Customization Available

Material Composition: Crafted from 100% Polyester Fiber

Underside: Features a Non-Slip Bottom with Point Plastic Design

Ideal for Various Settings: Suitable for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Entryways, and Balconies

Cleaning Instructions: Can be Hand Washed or Vacuum Cleaned with Cold Water; After Washing, Gently Wring Dry and Use a Hair Dryer for Natural Fluffiness

Packaging: Conveniently Folded for Shipment

Size Options:

  • 40x60cm / 15.7x23.6 inches
  • 50x80cm / 19.6x31.4 inches
  • 80x160cm / 31.4x62.9 inches
  • 80x200cm / 31.4x78.7 inches
  • 100x160cm / 39.3x62.9 inches
  • 100x200cm / 39.3x78.7 inches
  • 120x160cm / 47.2x62.9 inches
  • 140x200cm / 55.1x78.7 inches


◆Important Information:

  1. Please be aware that there might be a slight color disparity between the actual product and the image due to scanning, photography, and other factors. If color accuracy is a concern, kindly reach out to our online customer service for an actual product photo.

  2. The carpet is folded and packed. Consequently, when you receive and unpack the package, you may notice some creases. A simple solution is to vigorously shake the carpet or apply pressure with a weighty object to smoothen it out.

  3. The carpet's initial appearance might be less fluffy due to compression from folding and packaging. However, this can be effortlessly resolved by giving the carpet a good shake, restoring its plush and fluffy state as depicted in the picture.

  4. Given the softness and stretchability of the carpet, a margin of error of 1-3 cm may be present. If this tolerance level isn't acceptable to you, we recommend reconsidering your purchase.

We appreciate your understanding of any inconvenience that may arise. For any inquiries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our online customer service team!

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