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Dpro 9H Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass Waterproof Nano Ceramics Paint Care Anti-scratch Hydrophobic Car Detailing Polish Kit

Dpro 9H Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass Waterproof Nano Ceramics Paint Care Anti-scratch Hydrophobic Car Detailing Polish Kit

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Special Features: Improve gloss , Hydrophobic

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Origin: JP(Origin)

Model Name: DF-069

Material Type: Silica

Item Width: 7cm

Item Weight: 150g

Item Volume: 30ml

Item Type: liquid glass car

Item Type: Polishes

Item Length: 10cm

Item Height: 5.4cm

Item Diameter: 00cm

G.W: 150g

Function 9: Car care

Function 8: Car wax

Function 7: Car paint

Function 6: CAR PRODUCT

Function 5: ceramic pro

Function 4: waterproof

Function 3: liquid car glass

Function 2: car liquid ceramic coat

Function 1: polish wax

External Testing Certification: ISO9001

Brand Name: dpro

9H Ceramic Car Coating Liquid Glass Waterproof Nano Ceramic Car Paint Care Liquid Anti-scratch Super Hydrophobic Glass Coating



  • Super-hydrophobic car paint h9 hardness

  • Excellent scratch resistance & High abrasion resistance. High hardness and high brightness.

  • Anti-aging & Long service time, the coating can last more than 1 year.

  • Anti-UV function. High firmness & anti-aging effect. Protect your car from aging, fading, weather and sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder, etc

  • Wide application area: Painted Surface, Rim, Lamp Cover, Peach wood, Metal surface, etc.

  • Large coverage area.

  • Good hydrophobic effect.

  • Anti-static, easy washing.

  • Anti-icing & snow.

  • Non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly product.

  • Use very easily. Apply at normal temperature and pressure. No need for heating. Natural drying 48 hours.

  • 100% Colorless & Transparent nano-coating.

Option 1: H ceramic coating. If your car is new, you can buy it, to increase the brightness and hydrophobicity of the paint surface, it will produce a layer of crystal to protect the car paint.

Option 2: degreaser + H ceramic coating + maintenance fluid. If your car is used for more than 2 years, it is recommended to buy this suit. degreaser can remove oil stains. The maintenance fluid can be used after 3-6 months to prolong H's lightness and hydrophobicity.

Option 3: H ceramic coating + window coating .window coating can increase the hydrophobicity of the car window, allowing you to drive safely in the rain

Option 4: degreaser + H ceramic coating + maintenance fluid+window coating. Combined with option 2.3 to fully protect your car

Option 5: H ceramic coating+Interior cleaner. Interior cleaner removes stains from seat leather, headliner, and dashboard


Option 6: H ceramic coating+Iron Rust remover. Rust remover can quickly remove the iron powder, which is very safe for the wheel and car paint, and restore the wheel and paint to a new color.


Option 7: H ceramic coating+plastic long-lasting restorer. It can restore the gloss of exterior plastic. Waterproof and durable



  • Type: H

  • Material:  Inorganic nano-quartz crystal plating etc


  • Hardness: 9H hardness


  • Coating Thickness: 30um


  • Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect, shiny as a mirror


  • Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12


  • Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degrees


  • Consumption: 30ML (Can be used for a large SUV)


  • Crystallization concentration: 62%



How to apply:

Shake well before use

1. Clean the car paint and dry it with a towel

2. The product drops on the sponge, paint the surface of the vertical and horizontal smear, and smear half an engine hood, using a dry towel to wipe at just crystal coated place

3. If leaving marks after using a dry towel, you can use wring wet towel to wipe

4 in accordance with the above method of construction, complete whole car paint

5. After the construction is completed, about 10 minutes, the coating can be dried


Packing List:

Option 1 : ceramic coating 30ml x 1 + towel x 1 + cloth x 1 + sponge x 1

Option 2 : ceramic coating 30ml x 1 + Degreaser 100ml x 1 + Maintenance fluid 30ml x 1 + towel x 1 + cloth x 1 + sponge x 1

Option 3 :ceramic coating 30ml x 1 + Window coating 20ml x 1+ Towel x 2 + Cloth x2 + Sponge x 2

Option 4 : ceramic coating 30ml x 1 + Degreaser 100ml x 1 + Maintenance fluid 30ml x 1 + towel x 1 + cloth x 1 + sponge x 1+Window coating 20ml x 1 + towel x 1 + cloth x 1+sponge x 1

Option 5 :ceramic coating 30ml x 1 + Interior cleaner 100ml x 1+ Towel x 2 + Cloth x1 + Sponge x 1+Spray*1


Option 6 :ceramic coating 30ml x 1 +Iron Rust remover 100ml x 1+ Towel x 1 + Cloth x1 + Sponge x 1+Spray*1


Option 7 :ceramic coating 30ml x 1 +plastic restorer 100ml x 1+ Towel x 1 + Cloth x1 + Sponge x 1


 Interior cleaner effect:






Crystalline content




H 30 ml

1 pcs car

1 year


8 month

8 month


T 30ml

2 pcs car

2 year


8 month

8 month


E 12ml

1 pcs car

2-3 year


10 month

10 month


A 12ml

1 pcs car

2-3 year


12 month

12 month


F 12ml

1 pcs car

3 year


18 month

18 month




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