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Revolutionize Veterinary Care: CONTEC08A-VET Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with PC Software Integration

Revolutionize Veterinary Care: CONTEC08A-VET Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with PC Software Integration

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Origin: China Mainland

Model Number: CONTEC08A-VET

Material: ABS

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Brand Name: Contec

Application: Arm

CONTEC Vet Electronic Sphygmomanometer Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


                   Tonometer with Download PC Software CONTEC08A-VET




CONTEC 08A with three Cuffs












Revolutionizing Animal Health Monitoring: CONTEC08A-VET Electronic Sphygmomanometer with Advanced Features

Introducing the CONTEC08A-VET Electronic Sphygmomanometer, a cutting-edge device designed to accurately measure blood pressure in animals. This state-of-the-art equipment boasts full-automatic measurement capabilities, a high-definition color LCD display for excellent visibility, and a user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Blood Pressure Measurement: The CONTEC08A-VET provides seamless full-automatic blood pressure measurement for animals, ensuring accurate results with ease.

  2. Data Storage and Review: Store up to 100 groups of measurement data for thorough analysis and review, allowing you to track changes over time.

  3. Customizable Cuff Modes: With three cuff modes (large, medium, small), tailor the measurement to suit various animal body types for accurate readings.

  4. Included PC Software: The package includes free PC software, a USB cable, and a cuff suitable for animals with a limb circumference of 6-11cm.

  5. Comprehensive Health Monitoring: This electronic sphygmomanometer is specially designed for veterinary use, aiding in the comprehensive health monitoring of animals.

Please Note:

  • Ensure your pets are calm before testing.
  • Check if the cuff size (6-11cm limb circumference) is suitable for your pets.
  • Select the appropriate cuff mode (large, medium, or small) for accurate results.

Enhance your veterinary practice with the CONTEC08A-VET Electronic Sphygmomanometer – the ideal tool for reliable blood pressure monitoring in animals.





















Discovering CONTEC Medical Systems: Pioneering Medical Instruments Since 1992

Founded in 1992 as a trailblazing high-tech company, CONTEC Medical Systems has been dedicated to the research, manufacturing, and distribution of medical instruments. With a workforce of over 1200 employees, we have become a leader in the industry. Our diverse product line encompasses 13 categories, catering to a wide spectrum of medical needs, and many domestic hospitals proudly count themselves among our esteemed clientele.

In the present day, our commitment to innovation is unwavering. Our modern and efficient manufacturing and management systems reflect our dedication to excellence. Our research team is continuously striving to elevate product quality and maintain a competitive edge. As a testament to our dedication, we have achieved ISO 9000 certification, and several of our products have been awarded the CE certificate.

CONTEC envisions collaboration with international entities to introduce groundbreaking designs and cutting-edge technological advancements. Together, we can enrich the medical field with innovative solutions that revolutionize patient care.

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