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SAMSUNG EVO PLUS 256GB U3 4K Micro SD 128GB Micro SD Card SD/TF Flash Card U1 64GB 512GB Memory Card Pro Plus microSD for Phone

SAMSUNG EVO PLUS 256GB U3 4K Micro SD 128GB Micro SD Card SD/TF Flash Card U1 64GB 512GB Memory Card Pro Plus microSD for Phone

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tf cards: 64gb micro sd card

sd card 64 gb: 64GB MEMORY CARD

sd card 128 gb: U3 4K

microsd 128gb: microsd 64gb

memory cards 64 gb: 256GB MICRO SD CARD

Video Speed Class: V30

UHS Level: U3

Type: TF / Micro SD Card

SDXC: Flash Card Mini

SD Type: microSDXC

Read/Write Speed: 100X

Package: Yes

Origin: PH(Origin)

Micro SD Card: 128 gb micro sd card

Micro SD: microsd 64 gb

Memory Card: memory card for smartphone

MICRO SD MEMORY CARD: 128gb memory card

Class Level: C10

Brand Name: Samsung

Application Performance Class: A1

Application: High Speed Read and Write, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Notebook, Tachograph, Camera, Monitoring, Speakers, Digital Devices, Robot, UAV, File Storage

256gb memory card: 64 gb micro sd card

1 2 4 8 16 32 64 PCS: 128 256 512 PCS

Original SAMSUNG 128GB U3 Micro SD 256GB Micro SD Card SD/TF Flash Card 512GB 64GB Memory Card 64 128 gb microSD for Phone

Please place the order correctly and sign to confirm receipt in time. If the package is returned due to the buyer, the shipping fee paid by the seller will not be refunded!!

About capacity:

16GB=approximately 14GB-15GB

32GB=approximately 28GB-30GB

64GB=approximately 58GB-60GB

128GB=approximately 115GB-119GB

200GB=approximately 182GB-186GB

256GB=approximately 230GB-238GB

512GB=approximately 460GB-476GB

1TB=approximately 920GB-952GB


Warm Tips:

How to verify the Capacity and Speed of the memory card?

1). Please use a quality USB 3.0 card reader to verify.

2). Please don't use cheap card readers to test Micro SD cards, the speed of Micro SD cards will be reduced by low-quality card readers.

3). Micro SD memory card speed is greatly affected by the card reader and the capacity you choose, USB port, etc. The low-quality device will 100% slow down card speed


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