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Wireless Portable Electric Food Mixer Hand Blender 3 Speeds High Power Dough Blender Egg Beater Baking Hand Mixer Kitchen Tools

Wireless Portable Electric Food Mixer Hand Blender 3 Speeds High Power Dough Blender Egg Beater Baking Hand Mixer Kitchen Tools

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Voltage (V): 5V

Voltage (V): 5V

Structure: Hand Held

Power (W): 20W

Power (W): 20W

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Speed Settings: Three gears

Model Number: Food Mixers

Model Number: Electric Food Mixer

Housing: Plastic

Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 95*64*205mm

Colour: Green/Pink/White

Certification: CCC

Brand Name: BALASHOV

Accessories: Wire Whip


Q1: What is the state of being fully charged?
A1: It turns red when charging and blue when fully charged. When the indicator is red, it
indicates that the product power is low, please charge in time.

Q2: Why can't it work after fully charged?
A1: Double click the on/off button, red and blue lights flashing alternately. Then the product starts working.

Q3: How long can it work?
A1: This product is not allowed to be used continuously for more than 5 minutes.

Note: When charging, the product cannot work normally, and it can be used normally after it is fully charged.

Stirring thick mixtures (e.g. fat and flour) can cause damage to the stir stick. Do not stir thick mixtures!!!!

1 The machine is dual-purpose, 2-in-1 function, garlic masher, an egg beater, 3-speed adjustable, can be processed according to the needs of different ingredients, easy to use, can be ground meat, mashed garlic, beaten eggs

Food grade cup, 250ml is AS cup, stainless steel blade, sharp and fast

Whisk with 2 stirring rods, a powerful motor, and high speed

Detachable parts, easy to clean, can be directly rinsed with water

USB charging port, a full charge can last for a long time

Waterproof and wireless portable design, compact and portable, easy to use

Product parameters:


250ml model: cup body AS+ head ABS+ blade stainless steel


Whisk: 9.5*6.4*20.5cm

Lantern-shaped egg beater: 5*16.5cm

Stirring rod: 6*17cm

Built-in battery: 1200 mAh lithium battery

Power supply mode: USB charging

Rated voltage: 5V /1A

Battery voltage: 3.7V / 1.2A

Rated power: 20W

Color: white, green, pink

Three-speed speed regulation: low, medium, and high speed

Charging time: 4 hours

Install the clover knife:

1. Fully charge the host before using it for the first time. When fully charged, the blue indicator light is on

2. Insert the three-leaf knife into the cup, after installation, put the food in the cup

3. Align the groove of the cup cover with the axis of the tri-lobe knife, and then install it

Install the stirring rod:

Insert the shaft of the stirring rod into the body of the machine head

Instructions for use of garlic masher:

Just install the middle part of the machine head and the cup lid


1. Double-click the switch to start, the default low-speed gear

2. Click to enter the next file


1. Do not let children use it, this product is not a toy

2. Do not use in a high temperature and humid environment above 60 degrees, otherwise, it will affect the life of the machine

3. Avoid water entering the inside of the machine, and it is forbidden to soak the machine in water

Packing list1: 1* head, 1* cup body, 1* three-leaf knife, 1* lantern-shaped egg beater, 1* stirring rod, 1*USB charging cable

Package List2:
1 * Blender
2 * Stirring rod
1 * Data cable



If you need customization of any LOGO or Other, please leave a message to us. (above 50PCS)

Any questions, please feel free to contact us. Reply within 24 hours

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Small, convenient for kneading paint

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Bought two from one completely dead battery.

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Bought two from one completely dead battery!

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Thank you, all super!

Lilly Spencer

Super product, quality at the appointment, I tried it works super well I recommend the seller